Before you go! Apps for your consideration 

Hey everyone! A special welcome to the new Asiapod class~hopefully you are all getting the hang of our itouches and enjoying them! As promised, I’m just going to introduce some apps that I found useful. Some of them are specific to China, but there is no reason for you not to download it and try it out. Usually there are equivalents in multiple languages so if you try it and like it, you can find one that might actually apply to you.

This first app I highly recommend you download immediately. Like right now. It is the Find iPhone app. To use it, you will have to create an account at and set everything up. The directions in the app store will make this process really clear. Now, although this might seem like a hassle it is completely worth it. Because this app will allow you to locate your iTouch and control it if you lose it. You will be able to lock the screen remotely and display messages on the screen, or even make it beep so you can locate it even if you lose it in your own room. The one downside is that the app will only work if your iTouch is connected to recognized wifi, but that is still a useful thing to have.

Dianhua is the app that I keep talking about, and that I used daily in my classes. It is a Chinese dictionary app that allows for multiple inputs (English, PinYin, handwriting) and displays everything you could want in an organized way. If you are going to a different country, I recommend trying out a number of the free dictionaries available until you find one that you like- there are plenty available. Look for ones that have translations that you recognize as correct, and are able to be used offline.

This list of apps can be used for studying Chinese. Explore them, look at them, check to see if the developer has one available in your language.


WN Mandarin- the World Nomad developer has many languages available to study

ChinesePad – a chinese study game

Trainchinese- a developer with many free chinese apps (including pinyintrainer, a very useul pinyin game


Google translate- Useful, but only useable with wifi. Translations can occasionally be a little iffy

Skype- use to make video calls or instant messaging! The cool thing with your new iTouch model is the two cameras, so you can video chat with the camera facing you or use the back camera to show your friends what you’re looking at

WordPress- use the wordpress app to blog on the go! Play with the available tools to see what you can do

Survival phrases podcast- this, and other podcasts are completely free to download. There are so many available that can teach survival phrases, grammar, advanced vocabulary, and more. Look around the iTunes store to try some out. Blog about your discoveries!

Lastly, just have fun with it. If an app looks interesting and is free, download it.