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    I call my itouch—specifically the Pleco App—最好的朋友 (best friend.) My Taiwanese friends think this is funny, but truly I don’t know what I would do with out this dictionary app where I can look up and translations in English, Chinese characters, or even using Pinyin, a phonetic guide to Chinese (and I can use traditional characters, the writing system used in Taiwan, instead of simplified which is used on the Mainland.) It’s useful in language exchange, almost all the homework I do, chatting with Taiwanese friends, or when I am alone and a word pops into my head I’d like to look up. It can sometimes be difficult to get correct translations from English to Chinese on certain apps or sites but Pleco, while it occasionally steers me wrong, usually gives me the most colloquial words, including noting which word are more appropriate in Taiwan, instead of Mainland China. I’ve actually been somewhat of a walking advertisement for the app as most of my friends, unless they already had the app, quickly added it upon seeing just how essential, not merely useful, it can be. Thank you Pleco! You’ve saved many a conversation.

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    Challenge 8! 

    The one application that I know I could not live with out at this point is MIDORI.


    Midori is a Japanese-English library application. It costs $9.99. Why should you buy this particular $10 application you ask? It is the best out there so far that I have tried out. Not only does this application let you search for a word in English and Japanese (hiragana, kanji, and romaji) this application allows you to draw the kanji in order to find out its meaning!!!


    I literally can’t even begin to describe how 便利 (convenient) and life saving this application is! It has saved me countless times when I was talking with my host family and friends or simply trying to order something at a restaurant. (It’s all in kanji I can’t read!) It is a MUST for every student studying Japanese. Seriously.

    And on top of all of this it also gives you the stroke order of the kanji, flash cards to test your kanji with AND the conjugation of verbs. As a student of Japanese conjugation is one part of the grammar that I have a lot of trouble with so it was very reassuring to know that I could just go on my i-pod real quick to check that I conjugated the verb correctly. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to find out that there was even such an app that existed! I did none of my homework without it and had my i-pod on me at all times.

    Another really cool aspect of this app is that it also provides example sentences in which the word you are searching for appears.

    And last but not least it: this app requires no internet connection! I know your minds are absolutely blown right?! Don’t worry I understand. Mine was too.

    For anyone going abroad to Japan next year:  Before buying a suitcase, before getting a plane ticket, BUY THIS APP!!! I could go on and on about how awesome this app is, but please, rather than listening to me babble, go get it!


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    Last Day!!! 

    The day has come and I cannot believe how fast this semester flew by.  Taking a look back I still remember how scared I was to cross the street and try the food.  However 12 weeks in and I am crossing the street like no ones business, eating dog, snake, and rat! The beauty of Vietnam is astonishing and it is never ending.  I recommend everyone and anyone to come to Vietnam and enjoy the busy life of Saigon and the traditional life of Hanoi.  In the future I plan on visiting Vietnam and hopefully working here for a year or so

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    • camoy1 3:31 am on December 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      The last day was so sad!!!! It was so difficult to say goodbye to my friends. But I remember how scared we were to cross the street. Those were some funny moments! I agree that everyone should visit Vietnam

    • sallyintaiwan 12:34 pm on December 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      My last day was very sad too! the one thing that kept me from not getting on the plane was the fact that I knew I’d be come back.. I’m so glad to have made such great friends in Taiwan, connections I know will last, with people I can reach out to next time i’m there whether it’s for work or for just a stop on the way to another place in Asia.

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    A day at the beach 

    My time in Vietnam is coming to an end and although I am looking towards seeing my friends and family I am dreading the idea of leaving this place.  For six months I have been in tropical weather and am in no rush to feel the cold again.  Yesterday the group went to a beach. I was so happy to tan in the sun and enjoy Vietnamese waters especially in December.  Vung Tau beach in Vietnam was probably the most beautiful beaches I have seen.  Christmas is right around the corner and this year no present can top the gift of coming to Vietnam!


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    A New Home 

    The unfamiliar alleys have become known.
    The daily oddities of living have become normal.
    This foreign land, language and people have become Home.

    Home is a special place that make’s one’s heart sing.
    Home is where one grows into a flower from a pile of rocks.
    Home is where the soul finds prosperity in passion.

    Passion will bring me Home.
    Adventure will bring me Home.
    Love will bring me Home.

    Home will never let me forget.

    Viet Nam, 2012

    • at5203 4:52 am on December 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Beautiful poem Taylor I can’t wait to hear about your time in Thailand!

    • Ellen 1:06 am on December 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply


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    Challenge eight 

    Before coming to Vietnam I tried to find videos on youtube that could help me say basic phrases.  At first it took me an hour just to say simple things like, “thank you, no problem, your welcome, and where is the bathroom”. However, once I came to Vietnam I realized that there are at least three different Vietnamese dialects, the northern, southern, and central accents. I was watching a youtuber named “Learn Vietnamese” and she does a great job in pronouncing words, slowly.  She teaches her subscribers the Northern dialect which is considered “the original” accent and it was also the dialect that I learned in class.

    An app that I found useful was “Vietnamese dictionary box- Tu Dien“.  This particular application is great because it has pictures and clear definitions.  In addition, Vietnamese is a tonal language that has 6 different tones that are extremely hard to type in your ipod.  There are many words that are spelled the same but have different accents that change the definition.  For example, ban can mean friend, table, busy, or dirty depending on your pronunciation.  This app does a good job incorporating the different tones without confusing the reader.  Once, this app helped me communicate with a lady across the street my guesthouse and I managed to have a decent conversation about her kids and husband.

    • Judy 11:34 am on December 10, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      TAylor I have enjoyed reading your posts. This particular entry is beautiful. It made me smile. Judy.

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    Challenge Eight: Favorite App 

    What’s your favorite iTouch App, and how did it help you this semester?

    One of the primary goals of the Asiapod initiative is to explore the usefulness (or not!) of mobile technologies to facilitate language learning while students are on the move.

    Asiapod bloggers: your challenge this week is to share one application or “app” that you have found particularly helpful in the five months(can you believe it?) that you’ve carried the iTouch. A particular dictionary? Virtual flashcards? Videos via Youtube? The summer period is specifically included, as we are equally interested in stories of travel preparations as navigations of your new environs. Imagine your potential readership as students planning to follow in your footsteps next semester; a few sentences summarizing the app’s functionality and value will do the trick.

    Has the iTouch been irrelevant? If so, any particular reason? These stories are important as well.

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