Couple Clothing

This posting is from Chelsea Gannon:

One “culture shocking” aspect of South Korean life I encountered was couples. Not only are there immense numbers of couples, but large cultural supports for the prevalence of these pairs. In Korean dramas and movies, love and dating is an incredibly popular subject.  Additionally, gender roles within these relationships are rather strictly defined with girls often acting cutesy and innocent, a trait known as “aegyo”, and the boys acting authoritative, strong, and as the caretaker of their girlfriends. With such a prominent role of couples, a culture has developed where each engages in “normal” activities such as the men carrying their girlfriend’s purses or most interestingly wearing matching accessories or clothing. More often than not, couple items are shoes or shirts, but it was not uncommon to see couples decked out in matching gear including shoes, full outfits, and bags. In extreme cases, couples would wear even matching nail polish. While this phenomenon was highly prevalent throughout Seoul, we witnessed extensive numbers of couple items due to the sheer number of Koreans we encountered on a daily basis. Couples, both dating and married, even purchased matching “USA Pavilion” cowboy hats and t shirts from our gift store, specifically asking if a certain item had one for the other gender so that it was “couple wear”. Although I couldn’t take photos while working, I was able to snap a few while on my breaks or off days, and I’ve posted them below: