Yeosu Bay and Mosageum Beach

This posting is from Chelsea Gannon:

Yeosu was selected as the location for the 2012 World Expo with the theme of Living Oceans and Coasts because of its tropical -like environment and picturesque coastline. However, Yeosu was also picked for its industrial and economical ties to the sea. Because of this Yeosu has been a particularly interesting place to explore; full of beautiful beaches but also indications of Yeosu’s industrial significance.
On one of the local beaches I’ve visited often, Mosageum Beach, is famous for it’s black sand. It is a small but pleasant beach with coarse, dark grey sand nestled between a cement jetty and jagged green hillside. The water is vibrant teal on sunny days (despite the grey hue in the picture) and spotted with small fishing boats and in the distance, with oil tankers waiting to be loaded with petroleum. The picture below is of Yeosu bay, which I took from a ferry to a nearby town.

beach1 beach2