This blog is collaboratively written by Hobart & William Smith Colleges students who are exploring China,  Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.  While topics will vary, reflections on encounters with technology and language learning serve as a common thread for narratives.   As all participants are equipped with iTouches, audio and visual media are expressly encouraged. This project is generously supported by the Freeman Foundation and the Tanaka Memorial Foundation.

Student journalists:

  • Taylor Anderson (Fall 2012,  Vietnam)
  • Kristyna Bronner (Fall 2012, Hong Kong)
  • Tatianna Echeverria (Fall 2011, Vietnam)
  • Vienna Farlow (Fall 2011, Japan)
  • Melissa Freitag (Fall 2012, Vietnam)
  • Chelsea Gannon (Summer 2012, South Korea; Fall 2012, Japan)
  • Kimberly Guzman (Fall 2012, Japan)
  • Melissa Hosek (Fall 2012, China)
  • Gennady Julien (Fall 2011, China)
  • Julia Leavitt (Fall 2011, Vietnam)
  • Sasha Miller (Fall 2011, Japan)
  • Emma Pierce-Schell (Spring 2011, South Korea)
  • Hannah Semaya (Fall 2011, China)
  • Sally Storch (Fall 2012, Taiwan)
  • Adrian Tapia (Fall 2012, Vietnam)
  • Andrew Upton (Fall 2011, Japan)
  • Camoy Williams (Fall 2012, Vietnam)
  • Kian Williams (Fall 2012, South Korea)

Project facilitators:

Asiapod coverage and outreach: