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Asiapod pounds the conference pavement
Doug Reilly & Juliet Habjan Boisselle

Asiapod NITLE Poster goes to a national conference!  Here’s the poster that project facilitators  presented at the NITLE Symposium.  It was great fun to spread the word on this fantastic project.  Many thanks to Lynn Hu WS ’13 for talented design skills and tremendous patience in creating the poster. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Hannah Semaya

This story is about a fun time in China, a story that I happened to experience the end to before the beginning.

I was in a hotpot restaurant in Henan.


delicious hotpot

My friends and I were sitting around one of those fantastic sunken pots in the table, dipping meats and veggies into the delicious boiling soup to cook. We were pretty concentrated on our food, until a small boy came running down the aisle of the restaurant. This alone might have provided a distraction, but there was someone, or something with the boy. He had a tiny little adorable baby chick clutched in his hands. He looked immensely happy. He ran to a woman who we supposed must have been both his mother and a proprietor of the restaurant. He held the chick close, and we tried to decide if his mother looked happy about it or not.

Later, on the train ride back to campus, the three friends I had been to the restaurant with sat together and reminisced. We reminisced about how amazing Henan was to visit, about how the Longmen Grottoes were an unbelievable sight, and about the mystery that was how that little boy came into possession of the baby chick. While we pondered among ourselves, a member of our class who was not among the restaurant eaters that day turned around in his seat. He asked us if we meant the restaurant that was on this little corner street, and we confusedly acknowledged that he was. And then we heard the beginning of the story.

This classmate was known to all as Mountain Mike. His story began with walking the crowded streets of Henan, enjoying the fact that the Henan dialect was difficult to understand and very different from what we were used to in Beijing.

He and his friends came upon a man selling baby chicks.

so cute!

The chicks were obviously adorable, and impulsively they bought one from the migrant worker. Of course, they soon realized that an impulse-buy chick would probably not be welcome back in our Beijing dorms. So they found a small boy, and gave him the chick.

so happy!

The same boy that we saw later. And so the mystery of how the boy got to chick was solved.

Melissa Hosek, WS ’14 ~ Asiapod reader and traveling to China in Fall 2012

Proudly created with the help of my new iTouch

Tô Thu Trà, WS ’12 ~ Asiapod reader and native of Vietnam

I dread the lonely bus rides
I dread the long haul red eye flights
I stared at a burger and dreamt of Pho
I turned on Skype, just to hear the homeland’s sound

30 hours of travelling away, there they are
Trade burger for pho and a bowl of rice
Say “Hello” to me in my language and make me smile
I am seeing my hometown through their eyes

The distance between East and West, I don’t know the number
On this cyber space, it doesn’t really matter…