The Beginning 

Choosing where to study abroad was difficult. I love to travel and I wanted to have the opportunity to go on my own adventure. After reading about the study abroad programs and talking to my friends who travelled abroad, I realized that I wanted to have more than the typical college abroad experience. I wanted to go somewhere I would not be able to go without the schools program. That eliminated the European countries. I have always wanted to go to Asia and this was my big chance to go and see more that I ever could if I went on a two week trip on my own. I am majoring in sociology and minoring in social justice so I wanted to go somewhere I could use my skills to observe a new culture. I wanted to be immersed in a program that would challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone. I narrowed it down to India and Vietnam.

If I were to go to India, though I am sure it is perfect for some people, I would only be able to see one small part of the large country. There are many parts of the culture that I would not have the opportunity to observe. If I were to go to Vietnam I would be able to see much more of the country and have multiple perspectives of the Vietnamese culture.

When it was time to apply for a program, I only sent in one application, I had made up my mind that Vietnam was the place I would spend the fall of my junior year. It was a big chance to take, since getting into abroad programs can be difficult, but once I was accepted I knew my risk had paid off. I was going to Vietnam.

I know that these next three months will change the way I see the world and I am looking forward to learning and growing in Vietnam. I am excited to learn a new language and exploring a new place. Though I know that I will miss my family, my friends and playing rugby I know that they will all be waiting for me when I return and until then, it is time to have some fun!