A New Era-南京第一的巴西柔術道場 


If you pay attention to martial arts these days, you probably know that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a big deal. In the U.S., it’s been a revolution that has rightfully made grappling a priority for many martial artists. Over the past year I’ve fallen in love with this style, and have taken the few opportunities to learn that have been available. I was hoping to practice BJJ regularly in Nanjing (with a population of 6.8 million, I thought there HAD to be a BJJ scene). But, after some research and talking with a training partner who travels regularly to China, all I had to work with was club in Shanghai and a vague connection to a student club at one of the two university campuses. Recently, however, that all changed…

Fred Greenall, with his coinstructor Alex (who’s last name currently escapes me), has opened the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club in Nanjing. Since August 15 of this year he’s been teaching BJJ in a 7th floor gym near the Zhujianglu metro exit. I happened to find him while searching through online forums for nearby martial arts opportunities. Coming accross one of his posts was the best stroke of luck I’ve had in China yet.

I managed to go to a training session, and had a fantastic time. Travel abroad can be a bit lonely and stressful for the first week, so it was nice to go do something I love with some awesome people. I plan to continue training with Fred and Alex  throughout my stay here. The student club no longer exists, so Fred’s club takes the responsibility of being the new beginning for BJJ in Nanjing. If the club is successful, it could bring about a new era in martial arts training for the entire city. I hope it does.

Up above, you’ll see a small gallery of the gym and the group we had that day. The club currently doesn’t have a lot of members or expensive equipment, but it’s looking to grow. In the group picture, the tall white man with the shaved head and red shorts is Fred. The man in the black shirt and shorts on his left is Alex. I apologize for the poor picture quality, but at the moment, all photos are still being taken with my ipod. I used some editing to ameliorate the quality, but to little effect.

Dojos have been homes away from home for me for quite a while. So now, even thousands of miles from Central New York, I’ve got a home. I hope that the other asiapod bloggers will be able to share in this fortune in their travels.

Best of luck,